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Kristy Walton Coaching Calgary Alberta E

Connection, Conversation + Coaching.

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Coaching is a collaborative exploratory conversation that increases self-awareness & mindfulness, allows space for perspective & intention to be heard, and helps one to shift from a mindset of fear, self-doubt & limiting belief to one of authenticity, clarity & possibility.

- Kristy Walton

1:1 Coaching for the Individual.

How would it feel to live in alignment with Self?

To partner with someone as you explore confidence, understanding, and purpose; seek clarity, awareness, and knowing of Self; embrace grace, patience, and acceptance for who you are; pursue your goals, expectations, limiting beliefs, and unexplored potential; and allow Self to become the best version of Self?

I come to every session in service of what it is you need. To discuss, explore, push boundaries, stifle limiting beliefs, acknowledge patterns that are holding you back, and stories that are keeping you small.

Working through that which no longer serves you, to find that which does. Finding freedom in alignment.

Coaching for Corporate/Teams.

What does it look like when you treat the people on your team, like people?

What happens when you give your team a safe space wherein to explore their insecurities, worries, limiting beliefs, and expectations? 

What happens when you allow your team a safe space to acknowledge their strengths, reflect on their possibilities, limitations, and successes, and tune in to what offers them the greatest capacity to show up from a place of alignment with who they are and what gifts they have to offer?

You have a team that chooses to show up as their best selves. You have a team that is committed not only to their own growth, but connected to how that growth affects those--and the business--around them.

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