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"her soul,

it's her

most beautiful


a journey of breaking, discovering & uncovering. permission to fall apart & permission to rise from within your ruins. her soul honours both the dark & light parts of the soul. it shines light on the shadow & breathes life into its recognition.  an invitation to step in.

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KRISTY WALTON (@wordsbykristy) is a writer, a poet & a dreamer with a love for the way words give permission to feel. she is a forever student—of life & of love. as a yoga teacher & lover of movement, most of her poetry & prose are found while on her yoga mat. her practice has become the safe space wherein she unravels & uncovers parts of her self, once forgotten. she is a seeker of adventure & one of a wandering soul. she is grounded & rooted in a knowing that this life is made for the unimaginable & within that, rests, an inner beauty to unfold.

unravel & rise, my love.

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