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Kristy Walton Coaching Yoga Calgary Alberta


I believe each one of us is meant to live a life of purpose.

And I believe that to live a life of purpose, is to choose that life.

We are meant to explore, dream, succeed, fail, and fall.

We are meant to struggle, to feel lost, to meet sadness, confusion, disappointment, and grief.

We will grapple with insecurities and allow ourselves to feel small, insignificant, and unworthy.

We will meet some days with grace, we will meet others with disdain.


We will be imperfect,

We will be wrong.

Our lives will be messy, unclear, and complex.

Our lives will challenge.

Our lives will be beautiful.

We will find acceptance,

We will honour forgiveness,

We will discover connection,

We will come home to Self.


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Pure Words.

- A Journal -

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