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mishaps + missteps

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

life is a series of mishaps + missteps. of fumbles + falls. bruises, broken hearts + open wounds. scars deposited along the path of your journey. every marking, a record of your past, a symbol of your willingness to choose a life-lived. an embodiment of fearless freedom, to explore, to witness + receive a life of flawless imperfection. every line, a testimony of your truth, a directory of choices, moments + memories. a monument of lessons, loves + loves-lost. a transcript to recount + remind. an archive of existence. a collection of inscriptions, honouring a life led with fearless freedom to move + to choose without hesitation. to simply receive each marking as fond memory of a lesson—an opportunity to change direction, to shift perspective, to grow closer to the you you are meant to be.

life is a series of mishaps + missteps.

fumbles + falls.

an archive of existence.

recollection of growth.

memory of fearless freedom.

tale of your truth.


embrace, embody,

fearless imperfection.

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