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life is full of the uncontrolled. the unknown. the unfamiliar. the uncomfortable.

little, is a guarantee. little, is gifted for free.

it is to work for the change you wish to be within. to question, unravel + deconstruct what is familiar + known. to pull apart, to unfold, to undo the self as it is. to let life fall apart, so you can reassemble within its grace. to allow life to crumble + collapse around + within you.

to break open, to be set free.

the uncontrolled, the unknown, the unfamiliar, the uncomfortable, arrive for your waking. they invite discomfort + offer permission for your expansion. they allow you to invoke change + reconsider life's circumstance. they present opportunity to revise the current version of self. to question what is known to be true + know there is more than this that is true. for it is only your inner knowing that is conscious of your own truth. and that inner knowing is met + held within the discomfort of the unfamiliar + unknown.

step in to the uncomfortable. unfold within its darkness. rise within its depths.

for it is here, you break open.

for it is here, you are set free.

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