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to choose.

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

What happens when you step into the light?

When you allow all things to flow to and from, with love?

When you give yourself permission to receive all that shows up, with love?

Peace in perspective.

Calm within chaos.

Light within love.

To receive every moment as a gift—an offering to unwrap + unravel, a contribution wherein to further discover the Self as it stands within the freedom to choose:

Dark vs. Light

Chaos vs. Peace.

Fear vs. Love.

As what you give you receive within abundance.

The duality of perspective.

Resonate within the dark + darkness will fall.

Experience within the chaos + chaos will settle.

Live within the fear + fear will carry you home.

What happens when you allow all things to flow, with love?

The duality of perspective.

Resonate within the light + light will linger within.

Experience within the peace + peace will resolve.

Live within the love + love will be your home.

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