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Updated: Jan 13, 2022


when you let go of what you think is supposed to be.

when you relinquish control of where you think you are meant to be.

when you simply allow what is to be.

you allow what is meant to be

to find its way

to you.

it is to not know where you are headed,

what it looks like,

what it will be.

but to know that in letting go of the knowing,

you receive the knowingness in abundance.

to acknowledge

that people, places, things, moments + memories come and + go.

they arrive when requested,

when needed,

when not known they are required for the depths of your healing.

when the world feels dark,

when your path feels convoluted + thorny,

when life feels heavy, complex + unsettled.

when the messages lack clarity,

and all you wish is but to see

to witness

what is yours for the offering,

what awaits your softening.

in the tender space that is yours but to give,

it is here you find

meaning, power, presence + grace.


light embraces your dark.

to allow what is meant to be

to find you

is but to know that you are held

right where you are.

surrendering to the life that

awaits your arrival.

the one that is yours to receive,

with meaning, power, presence, + grace.

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