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About Me.

- As I Show Up For You -


I believe that to teach other is to experience and explore within Self, first. 

I have been devoted to my own journey of growth, self-discovery, and self-acceptance for many years.

Through periods of uncertainty, lacking clarity, and direction, I have always found my way back to Self. It is with an understanding that through connection with other, and [re]connection with Self, I can find my way. I can [re]discover my direction, I can [re]align with my path, my purpose, my intention--I can come home to Self.

I believe we all need people who are there to hold space for us as we explore what we need to--without judgement, without expectation. I believe our lives are far more expansive and intentional when we have people in our lives that have a willingness and a want to hold us capable in our pursuit to live our most authentic life. I believe, that at our core, each one of us knows what we seek, what we need, what we want; and with the partnership of other, we can gain more clarity, we can lead from our values, and we can step into a life we want to lead. In every coaching partnership, I show up with intention to help you explore that which is weighing you down, that which is holding you back, that which is allowing you to play small.

My time spent with Self, on my yoga mat (through mindful movement), is where I have been fortunate enough to connect with who I am and the gifts I have to offer. It is a place from which I have found guidance and understanding, acceptance and permission to lean in to my authenticity. Every class I teach is taught from that place from within--in aspiration to hold space for other as they, themselves, find permission to [re]connect with what's been lost, dismissed, or abandoned; as they, themselves,  [re]connect to their purpose, their journey, their authenticity.

Whether you want to connect through movement or meaningful conversation, I arrive in support of you. I believe you are meant to live a meaningful and purposeful life, and I would love nothing more than to walk beside you as you honour your way.

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I believe all humans want to live a full and authentic life. We want to achieve our goals, not based on expectation of other, but based on expectation of Self. We want to live a life of connection and honesty. And we want to show up for ourselves and the others in our lives with intention, with purpose, and with presence.

I empathize with an understanding of the importance of having individuals in our life that are there to listen, contribute, and hold space for us as we purposefully walk through it. I understand the importance of having people in our life that encourage us to find our most authentic Self and then support us as we choose to live life from that place.

It is with this mindset I choose to show up in life—a promise of relentless dedication to leaning in to the parts of Self that need tending; a devout presence, sincere intention, unwavering commitment to acknowledging opportunities to awaken to Self, and finding permission to bring that Self to all that I do.

In showing up for you, I invite you to show up for yourself.


To help one explore the true parts of Self so, that in time, one can fully step in to who they are meant to be and live a life of purpose + intention.


To work with the Change Agents—those that are changing the world.

I imagine those that function as a powerful collaborator in a collective that seeks the betterment of other; those with compassion for other and compassion for Self; those that choose surrender of knowing, freedom in mindfulness, and vulnerability in connection; those that acknowledge personal growth as the only true option for expansion; and those that lean into empathy for the person on the other side.



In every conversation/Connection (let it be honest, let it be aligned), I will arrive with Purpose (to help other explore awareness of the true parts of Self), Presence (meaningful + with intention), and in Agreement (alignment with Self) to be in Service (of other, for other) while Exploring (freedom in expansion) Freedom (in thought, from thought) & Fluidity (finding grace in transition), and honouring Growth (mindful + honest) & Self-Love (our first, and last, is Self).

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