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we are all Broken.

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

We are all broken. We are all lost.

Seeking truth, in the surrender of knowing.

Relinquishing control of the fear that grapples us--the fear that contains, the fear that consumes.

The fear that defines your life.

Acknowledging that the fear is not of the Soul, but of the ego.

Understanding that the fear is but the story crafted to maintain influence + define circumstance.

Becoming acquainted with the fear. Dancing in its Shadow. Breathing in its depth. Befriending its projection.

It is here, in the darkness of Shadow, you find Self.

Peeling away the layers of fear that bring up pain, discomfort + dis-ease. Sitting in the parts of fear that evoke distress + reawaken silenced trauma.

Seeking comfort in the knowing, that should you relinquish control of fear, control of the ego, you renounce her of her influence, you dismiss her of her circumstance.

Seeking truth in the surrender of knowing,

relinquishing control of the fear that defines your life;

it is here, in the darkness of your Shadow, you find Self.

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