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Kristy Walton Coaching Calgary Alberta E

Working with Me.

- A Coaching Partnership -

I believe in partnering WITH you. 

Partnering with you to achieve that which you know you want as well as

bring awareness to that which you didn't even know existed for you. 

I believe that to coach you, is to coach the WHOLE you.

The whole version of Self as it shows up.

As it is this whole Self that arrives to every situation, idea, thought, and belief

you have about the world around you and how you choose to show up in it.

I believe that in order to honour your POTENTIAL, you must first honour your SELF.

Acknowledging the authentic version of you; challenging the way

you perceive you; accepting the honest version of you.

I believe that the life you are meant to lead is here FOR you.

The only thing standing in your way, is your Self.

The stories you tell yourself, the masks you wear,

the parts of Self you avoid, the limiting beliefs you hold of Self.

I believe that a partnership in CONVERSATION, is a partnership in MENTAL HEALTH.

Honouring a safe space to explore the parts of Self that bring

purpose, balance, perspective, and alignment to your life. 

A space to acknowledge connection to Self.

I believe that to live on purpose, you must BE on purpose.

Let's see how on PURPOSE you can BE.

Coaching for Corporate/Teams.

What does it look like when you treat the people

on your team, like people?

When you give them a safe, and confidential, space wherein they can navigate their everyday; explore their insecurities, worries, limiting beliefs, and expectations in their role; tune in to their natural strengths in connection, collaboration, development, and leadership; reflect on their own possibilities, limitations, and successes; and consider their mental health?

1:1 Coaching for the Individual.

How would it feel to live in alignment

with Self?

To partner with someone as you explore confidence, understanding, and purpose; seek clarity, awareness, and knowing of Self; embrace grace, patience, and acceptance for who you are; pursue your goals, expectations, limiting beliefs, and unexplored potential; and allow Self to become the best version of Self while honouring your mental health?

Feeling drawn to honour your potential, live in alignment, and show up for yourself?

Feeling a need to explore your awareness, connect with Self, and step in to your worth?

Not sure where to start?

Book an initial Pro Bono discovery coaching call.

Let's start the conversation.

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