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Kristy Walton Calgary Alberta Yoga Mindf

Movement, Meditation + Mentorship.

Flow | Move | Breathe | Connect | Presence

Stepping on my mat

is coming home to Self.

And to come home to Self,

is to come home to what matters.

- Kristy Walton

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Yoga + Meditation Classes.

As Student, I stand to support those seeking connection, growth, strength, and fluidity; that desire to acknowledge freedom in body and freedom from thought.

Those that want to move in to the body, with breath, and release all external noise--tuning in to a capacity to sink in to stillness of thought through connection of movement + breath.

I believe a lot of what we learn + build on the mat, is what we have opportunity to bring in to our every day. I believe in building strength in transition, crafting new and unique ways to move the body, and finding freedom within ones own practice.

Let's move + breathe.

Class Offerings.

As I work to build a virtual class library, I can currently be found teaching live classes in the city of Calgary at Pure Hot Yoga (find me on MindBody)..

Come join me on my mat for:

Thursday evenings Yin, 7:00pm-8:00pm

Sunday mornings Flow, 10:00am-11:15am

Yoga Teacher Mentorship.

As Teacher, I stand to support those seeking to find their own voice and own flow; discovering what it means to hold space for other as one confidently steps into the seat of Teacher.

To flow is an art,

To teach that art in alignment with who you one is a gift--to Self and to other.

If you're looking to tap in to who it is you are as teacher, I'm here for that. I seek to help you find your voice and your flow. Because when we teach from that place, we have the opportunity to create meaningful change in the lives of other. 

Mentorship Offering.

What Can You Expect?

1:1 mentoring

Zoom or in-person (if applicable) sessions

Discussion, connection, movement, and voice

What's Your Investment?

8 weeks (weekly, 1-hr, 1:1 mentor sessions)


One of my favourite parts about this practice is its ability to give you space to fall in love with yourself, over, and over, and over, again.

- Kristy Walton

Yoga Coaching Mentorship Mindfulness

Kristy Walton Calgary Alberta Yoga Mindf
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