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held love.

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

when the world feels heavy around you, know that you are held.

held within safety,

held within freedom,

held within love.

when the world feels heavy within you, know that, there too, you are held.

held within understanding,

held within kindness,

held within grace.

when the world brings you to your knees, know that you rise with a better knowing of the Self.

you seek solace from the comfort from within,

you find grace in perspective,

you choose love above all else.

you step in to the softness of the now, the stillness of the present.

you arrive, unshroud; detached from the layers and labels you once clung to.

you receive every moment as a lesson.

you perceive every breath as permission to renounce the power of the I.

you settle in to the Self, you arrive within, you find the freedom to move through the world with nothing but grace.

be kind to the Self.

be soft within your darkness.

let time shift perspective.

let love set you free.

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